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SELECTED for Designathon BIO26

Under the motto Common Knowledge, this year’s Biennial of Design in Ljubljana will take on the information crisis. To come up with topnotch, groundbreaking ideas for the projects, we were selected to being part of different teams to collaboratively join a creative, intensive, and competitive designathon process.

26th Biennial of Design

Ljubljana, Slovenia

14. 11. 2019—9. 2. 2020

Information shared from BIO26:

MAO Slovenia with Center za kreativnost was launching an open call for participation in the 26th Biennial of Design, BIO 26 – Common Knowledge. BIO 26 with curator Thomas Geisler will take on one of the greatest challenges of our time: information. Concerned with the widespread crisis in information, BIO 26 seeks to harvest the best ideas react, as well as propose experiments and present alternatives to the ways we currently deal with information and knowledge. The open call invited designers, architects, scientists, artists, communicators, educational professionals, sociologists, and the general public on a sprint journey to revisit the fundamental structures of knowledge production and transmission in society.

BIO – The Biennial of Design in Ljubljana is organised by the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), and is an international platform for new approaches in design. Today, BIO is structured as a long-term collaborative process, where teams of designers and multidisciplinary agents develop alternatives to established systems. BIO works as a testing ground, where design is employed as a tool to question and improve our daily life, among different and multidisciplinary design approaches that touch systems, production, services, scientific research, humanistic issues, unexpected conditions for the production of our habitat. The diverse array of topics resonates with both local and global demands, with comprehensive projects aimed at creating resilient structures that develop over time, beyond the duration of the Biennial.

We think we should also tap into these sources of knowledge, nature, and the elderly to seek better ways to interact and connect, learn, and care for our planet and each other.

Yes, and we, the Belly Store Reloaded team, think the same.

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